Sometimes events in our lives can seem a little out of control. At times like these, it may be in the best interests of ourselves, or those we love, to seek a little outside help. The following organizations are here to help with personal, marital or family situations that may require advise, counseling or mediation. Please contact the church for more information or direction. You may also want to visit our Links page to see what these organizations have to offer.

Lutheran Family Services:
Building Healthy Families ... Lutheran Family Service provides Christ-centered counseling to individuals, couples, and families that addresses both their spiritual and emotional needs. Through LFS counselors, the men, women and children served find hope and healing for a variety of concerns that prevent them from experiencing the full richness of God’s love. Your prayers and financial gifts to LFS make our ministry together possible Lutheran Family Service of Iowa, 1-800-622-7285.

Family Connection Ministry:
Family Connection provides resources and spiritual support to help you through the challenges of family life. Their purpose is to strengthen connections within families and between families with the course of life and power, Jesus Christ. 
3553 S. Jefferson Ave.
P.O. Box 19214

St. Louis, MO 63118